Oula Salokannel

Water & Cold
video, 2' 30''


"Haha. That's just like if I were on a beach. That's how we used to spend our time then. Those were the summers when adults were afraid of atom bombs and we kids were scared of leeches. It was that 'cold war' then. However, I never really could take it that easy, because I didn't like it at all to be almost forced to go into the water. So I was just frozen. I also remember that I was made to go to a swimming school at the beach by a lake nearby us. Of course I couldn't really learn anything when I was so numb with cold. Feeling that I could drown at any moment.
           I had had a ring around my finger and it was really precious to me. There were three deep blue pieces of glass in it. Well, some imitations of jewels, of course. Somehow the ring fell from my finger and I couldn't find it from the bottom. Ever since I've felt that water as a social environment is just too cold, only to me... and... that people stimulated by that extreme are just on the other side. Yeah I was quite alone there. I know I'm still a bit nervous about beaches and going to a water. Infact, I didn't even notice when the cold war ended."

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